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We specialise in manufacturing low volume precision engineered parts.

Our focus is on getting parts manufactured accurately and quickly. Our core capabilities center around CNC turning and CNC milling with expertise in 3D printing and custom finishing.

Send your drawings and receive your goods within 15 days

Need some
help ?

Our preferred method is to receive dimensioned PDF drawings & detailed 3D CAD files.

However, if you don’t have this capability or your parts are still only a roughed-out concept, we can assist with your innovations.

We can provide full 3D CAD Support and turn your sketch into a 3D model & production drawing so that it can be accurately quoted and manufactured.

Quality Assurance

Founded on 30 years experience in precision engineering, industrial design and development.
ISO 9001
UK Prototype know the Importance quality from first hand experience. All parts are manufactured according to ISO 9001.

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